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New product:

Our staff took a white tarrazzo tile that we have been carrying, got it sandblasted.  Then it was 3D scanned. The scanned 3D image was made it into a 2cm porcelain paver.  The result is this beautiful White Terrazzo Porcelain Paver that has a sandblasted non-slippery surface !

White Terrazzo Porcelain Paver
A real terrazzo tile on top of a Terrazzo Porcelain Paver

Travertine Silver

Travertine Navona

Travertine Ivory

Quartz Grey

Quartz Charcoal

Quartz Silver

Quartz Ivory

Limestone Ivory

Reef Stone Light Coffee

Organic Ash

Organic Ebony



The following products are made in USA:

Stone Dark Grey

Stone Light Grey

Stone Multicolor

Stone Miami White

Stone Moon White

Wood Cherry

Wood Honey

Wood Tobacco

Flagstone Red

Flagstone Gold

Manhattan Grey

Wood Cherry Installation