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59595 PSI Compression Strength – 3 times stronger than granite !

The following items are made in Italy:

DaVinci 16"X32", in-stock in our Anaheim Warehouse
Dark Silver Grey 16"X32", in-stock in our Anaheim Warehouse
Quartz Beige 16"X32"
Silver Grey 16"X32"
Ancient Grey 24"X24"
Black Basalt 24"X24"

The following items were imported from China. Once the current inventories are sold,  we will start to produce these items in Italy per customer’s request.

GN3663 Sesame Gold
TR3666 Travertine Silver
TR3666 Travertine Silver
TR3665 Travertine Nevona
CR3664 Cleft Rock
Cleft Rock CR3664
QU3665 Quartz Silver
QU3665 Quartz Silver
QU3666 Quartz Grey