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Adjustable Pedestals and wind uplift system

EV Pedestals are plastic adjustable pedestals mainly used for paver tiles, wood tiles, and decking joist support.  EV Pedestals boast the industry’s widest height range, covering heights from 1/2 inch to 52 inches, and they are the only pedestal system approved by the City of Los Angeles for heights above 24″ (up to 52″). EV Pedestals are UV-stable, salt mist-resistant, and fire-resistant (CC1 rating).

Advantages of EV Pedestals

Wide heights range: from 1/2″ to 52″ ;

1/16“,1/8”,3/16“,5/16” and 3/8“  paver spacer tabs;

Decking Cradle fit any joist size 3/4″ to 3.15″;

Does not damage waterproof membranes;

Allow for positive drainage and ventilation;

Absorb sound and increase temperature insulation;

Compensate ground slope;

Easy to install.

adjustable pedestals and pavers
high adjustable pedestals

Patented WIND UPLIFT (EV 2nd Generation Wind lockdown ) system

Approved by LADBS, City of Los Angeles (LARR # RR26122)

Non-Visible, No screw needed, Easy to Install 

We will laser cut steel plates to any size and any shape to fit your need

EV  Wind Uplift System consists of a stainless steel plate that has four tabs, and a modified plastic spacer disk that has four L-shaped sliding spacers. Each of the four L shaped sliding spacers can be moved to the position on top of a tab to lock down the tab. The modified spacer disk is placed on top of a regular pedestal.  Once the stainless steel plate is locked down to the pedestals, the paver is glued onto the stainless steel plate.

The patented EV  Wind Uplift System has passed Class 90 in UL-580 Test. (Maximum combined uplift pressure of 105 psf and 188 mph wind.)


The pictures below show stainless steel plates and the modified spacer disks with L-shaped spacers.



Pavers are glued to the stainless steel plates.


wind uplift