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     EV Fiberglass Gratings are made from resin, fiberglass and fillers.   Depending on different applications, resin could be Phthalic resin (with moderate acids and alkalis resistance) or Vinyl resin (with strong acids and alkalis resistance and fire resistance).  The filler could be Calcium carbonate powder or Aluminum hydroxide powder (for high strength and fire resistance).  

Properties of EV Fiberglass Grating :

1.  Corrosion resistant

With special resin formula,  EV Fiberglass Grating can be highly acids and alkalis resistant and can be safely used in a chemically  corrosive environment. 

2.  Fire resistant

With fire resistant formula,  EV Fiberglass Grating is rated CC1 in ASTM E-84 test.

3. Light weight and high strength

The perfect combination of alkalis-free fiberglass yarn and resin ensures the Grating’s high strength and light weight.  The weight is ¼ of the weight of the steel.

 4. Anti-aging

The EV Fiberglass Grating is made of high quality matrix resin and anti-aging additive, which ensures its long service life. 


EV Fiberglass Grating comes in 1.5” thick, 24”x24” squares with 4”x4” grid size,  or 4’x4’ and 4’ x 8’  large sheets with 1.5”x1.5” grid size.  The sheets can be easily cut to smaller sizes at the job site.

Strength of the EV Fiberglass Gratings:

The following table illustrates the strength of the EV Fiberglass Gratings.

Grid size used in the testing:

linear load applied to the center line:

Test results: