EV 2CM Porcelain Paver Product List:     

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Here is a list of our porcelain pavers.  Colors not listed here may be available for custom orders.  

Note: 24″X24″ Quartz Ivory, Quart Grey, Quart Silver, Quartz charcoal, Travertine Navona, and 12″X48″ Organic Ash, Organic Ebony are in stock in our Anaheim, CA warehouse.  Other items listed below are in stock at the factory, with 6 weeks lead time.

The following 24″X24″ porcelain pavers are Made in USA:

(Minimum order quantity:  2 pallets = 480SF)



July 27, 2017:    How to cut  porcelain pavers (2cm =3/4 inch  thick )  ?     

We found a good article (with a video) that shows how to cut 2cm porcelain pavers.  Here is the link:   https://www.montolit.com/how-to-cut-20-mm-thick-porcelain-tiles-34-inch-thick-porcelain-tiles/#


August 23, 2017:   Where is  2cm porcelain paver started ?

Many people believe that 2cm porcelain paver stated in Italy.  In fact, the first 2cm porcelain was produced in China in 2009.   The patent on a method for producing 2cm porcelain paver was filed in 2012 in China.


Nov. 22, 2017:   Tumbled 2cm porcelain pavers are coming soon.

Working with a leading 2cm porcelain paver manufacture,  EV Materials is bring tumbled 2cm porcelain pavers to US market.  Stay tuned. 


Apr. 15, 2017:  EV Materials to supply metal backed porcelain pavers

EV Materials has designed and tested many different ways to laminate the 2cm porcelain pavers with metal sheets.  After many tests, EV Materials has find a solution that ensures safety (a person can safely walk a metal backed paver even if it is broken) and yet is very affordable.