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Superb strength: EV  Porcelain pavers are the among the strongest in the industry,  with breaking strength of 11750 N (2641 lbs ) and center load test result of 2594 lbs. It can be safely laid on sand,  gravel and on pedestal system.

Easy Maintenance: EV Porcelain Paver is Completely nonporous. It will not stain. No sealing is necessary. And it is highly wear resistant.

Light Weight: EV  Porcelain paver weighs at 9 lbs/SF.  It’s light weight and superb strength make it ideal for roof top applications.

Slip resistant:  With its 3D surface, EV Porcelain paver is  extremely  slip resistant.

Realistic natural look:  Every piece of EV Porcelain paver resembles a natural stone or a wood plank.  It is so realistic that it is often to hard to tell if it is  porcelain or real stone or wood.